JH Laboratory was established by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Qiaochang BioTech Corporation:

Microbial Resources: As collection Center of Trichoderma resources (over 14000 strains ) supported by National Special Program of Scientific Technology Work Basic Researches, Shanghai Jiaotong University got the 787 strains of trichoderma & 11 strains of bacillus spp that has high antagonistic effect and 10 strains of trichoderma that can efficiently degrade the organic phosphorus pesticides and heavy metals after screenings.

Advanced technology: The first technology system of co-cultivation of Trichoderma & Bacillus was set up in the world. Based on fermentation technology with high content of chlamydospore, we developed trichoderma agent with long shelf life. It is leading product compared with the international similar products. Now field trials of the product has been conducted in around 1.3 million hectares of China.

Product development: Now QC BioTech has launched the BioCoaa Microbial Agent, BioCoaa ST Microbial Agent, BioAgaa Microbial Fertilizer (Seaweed extracts), BioGiaa Microbial Fertilizer( Fermentation residue), BioRass (Rapeseed residue) based on unique co-cultivation technology of trichoderma & bacillus.